Recycled Paper

Hi Susan,

The splints have allowed my son to be able to go out in the community and do all the activities that he would be unable to do because of his sensory issues.  For example going to the mall, to the movies and hanging out with friends.  Also he was able to do swimming with his waterproof splints.  Horseback riding therapy and going out to conferences and family functions. This would all not be possible without the splints.  Also having the safety of knowing that those splints are on

when we had to leave him alone.  Without the splints we

would have to constantly watch him as he has self-injurious

behavior. The splints gave us peace of mind that even if he

tried hurting himself he would be unable and also gave our

son the sensory feeling of weight which helped him stop his

self-injurious behavior.  It would calm him down as soon as

we would put it on. 

The bibs that are made are so wonderful.  They are

waterproof and soft.  Commercially you cannot find these

types of bibs and it's the perfect size for our son and he

drools a lot it's nice to have the bibs he can wear all the time. 

Also the different patterns and colors look great.