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Safety Information

*Only use splints in accordance with these instructions and under the direction or supervision of a health care provider.


  • Use only splints designed and/or specifically sized for wearer.

  • Ensure the splint's stays do not sign into the wearer's groin or armpit.

  • Examine the wearer's arms or legs before and after wearing splints for any signs of irritation or inflammation. Discontinue use and consult your health care provider if irritation or inflammation present.

  • Never leave wearer unattended while wearing splints.

  • Splints should not be placed on the wearer so as not to hinder or obstruct the wearer's hand or foot function.

  • Do not use, place or wear splints near any heat source, such as heating pads, stoves or heaters.

  • Do not allow splints to be used as a toy.

  • Do not use or wear splints in water unless specifically designed or prescribed for the purpose and wearer is under constant and continuous supervision.

  • Splints may contain small parts (buckles). Always inspect splints before and after use for loose or missing parts. Loose or missing parts may reduce the effectiveness of the splints and may cause harm to the wearer. Do not use if parts of the splint are loose or missing.

  • The splint must not be placed in or around the wearer's mouth.

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