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Standard Gaitors are made from soft 100% cotton flannelette quilted with premium quality polyurethane foam folded over the end of the stays for added comfort.  3 or 4 hook and loop straps are attached for a secure fit.  Orthotic grade plastic stays are used for rigidity.  Available standard sizing from 6”x 6 to 20”x 20”.   Selection of client relevant fabrics and colour choices are available.

Standard Gaitors and Features

100% Cotton Flannel

1/2" Polyurethane Foam Padding

Orthopedic Grade Plastic Stays

Hook and Loop Straps with Rectangular Ring 

Custom Gaitors and Features

*additional charges may apply

Extra Padding

Ultra Thin Padding

Extra or Reinforced Straps

Water Resistant

 Heavy Duty Fabrics (Denim)

Tapered Fit

 Selection of Thicknesses of Plastic Stays

Cover Flap

Buckles or Wide Hook and Loop Straps

Standard 3-Strap Gaitor
Custom Sized & Tapered Gaitor

All our standard gaitors are available in a variety of sizes to choose from made with 100% cotton flannelette, 1/2" polyurethane foam padding, orthopedic grade plastic stays and 3 -4 hook and loop straps with rectangular ring buckles.

Within our line of custom gaitors there are lots of options to choose from to create a fit and style that is tailored to accommodate various sizing, material preferences, design features and special requests.

This might include extra padding, heavy duty fabrics or matching fabrics to a school uniform or sports team.  Tapered fit, reinforced straps or buckle closure options.  For a list of all of our special features see the Pricing & Order Form page.

Have a special request?  We have the resources and expertise.  Let us know your needs by emailing or calling to speak to our design professional.

Fabric Themes

Pink, Yellow, Purple

Light Colours-

Pink, Yellow, Purple themed prints

Blue, Green, Red

Mid Colours-

Blue, Green, Red themed prints

Dark Neutral Fabrics

Dark Colours - 

Brown, Black, Grey themed prints or solids

PLEASE NOTE: Fabric subject to variation and availability and can not be guaranteed to be exactly as shown.  We will endeavor to supply a fabric pattern and colour as close as possible to our clients request.  If you have a specific pattern or colour in mind please email us the specifics and we will do our best to provide the look you want.  We will also use fabric supplied by our clients but please contact us for guidance in choosing a functional fabric.

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