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ElliGaitor Designs Ltd_

At EilliGaitor Designs Ltd., we match the therapy needs of our clients with our many years of technical orthotic experience to fabricate a functional splint that is wrapped in personality for all ages.  Our therapy splints, also known as a gaitor or elbow/knee immobilizer, are used to assist in the extension of a knee or elbow.

As well as standard sizes and fabric choices, we make custom gaitors to accommodate individual arm and leg sizes, colour preferences, design features and fabric patterns. Gaitors can be made to match an existing school uniform or sports team colour, as examples. In addition, durable fabrics or water resistant materials can be used for a more active user.

ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. was Incorporated in 2010 and continues to provide quality custom products and a commitment to serve our clients with individual and personal service.  Our products are used by many physiotherapist, occupational therapists,  in rehabilitation centers and school boards in Southern Ontario and Canada as well on individual basis such as parents & caregivers.   We continue to grow and develop new and exciting ways to customize our products based on our clients needs.


If you are interested in our product(s), or have any questions please contact us here, email us directly at, or by phone 416-464-1305.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to assisting you as part of your individual therapy program.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is only to be used on the advice of your health care professional and while being monitored as part of an ongoing and supervised therapy treatment program.


Sue Portrait

As Company Director and Chief Designer of ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. Susan Ingraham-Hosick brings to the company many skills and talents. Her training and experience as a Registered Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician in Ontario since 1995 and previous to that a career in Visual Merchandising has set in motion a desire to establish a company that can offer the benefits of these combined talents. During her time working in the field of orthotics, Susan identified a gap within the area of special needs children’s/persons and their individual therapy needs. This gap along with her skills and desire for helping others presents a wonderful opportunity for her and ElliGaitor Designs Ltd.


Susan’s collective knowledge of functional orthotic design, fabrication

techniques, creative design and the ability to visualize an end product.;

along with her understanding of raw materials and their properties plus

extensive skills training with the use of tools and machinery such as

grinders, industrial sewing machines, measuring and cutting devices 

allows ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. to provide clients with an exceptional and

practical therapy aid.

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