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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if a gaitor is right for my child? Who can benefit from gaitors?
    The best and most recommended way to know if you or your child would benefit from using a gaitor splint is to consult with a Medical Practitioner. Your family doctor, Paediatrician, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Orthotist are your best sources of information in recommending or referring the use of gaitor splint.
  • What is the purpose of a gaitor?
    There are many purposes for using gaitors. The basic use of a gaitor splint is to keep the leg or arm in extension by preventing the knee or elbow joint to bend. Refer to our 'Instructions for Wearing' for guidance on putting splints on. ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. gaitor splints are designed to assist with a wearer's prescribed therapy program. If, for any reason they are not contributing to the benefit of the wearer, ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. recommends discontinued use and consultation with your referring medical practitioner for advice.
  • What are the benefits of an ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. gaitor Splint?
    ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. is pleased and excited to offer many features that make our gaitors splints special. We offer custom sizing for children, youth and adults, ensuring a perfect gaitor fit for each client. We offer fabric patterns that are age or personality appropriate. As well, because our gaitors are custom made we are able to accommodate the options of heavy duty materials and client's special fabric requests. Other features/options available in our gaitors are extra padding; extra straps or fastening choices. Refer to our Downloadable Order Form, for all available special features. Upon consultation we strive to accommodate alternative designs for a client's individual requirements.
  • How do I know what size to order?
    There are a couple of ways to help you figure out what is the size of gaitors you need to order. Our Sizing and Order Information sheet offers information on how to measure and once the measurements are provided, this gives us the information we need to make the custom splints for our clients. Since ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. offers custom sizing we are prepared to accommodate the varying lengths or widths of an arm or leg. Alternately, we offer the option for you to order from our standard sizes or contact us for help in assessing the appropriate size. You can also request the help of your referring practitioner to determine the correct size required.
  • How long does it take to receive our order once the order has been placed?
    Since gaitor splints made by ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. are custom made to fit each client, the standard turnaround time is approximately 3-4 weeks (not including shipping time). If for any reason they are required sooner, arrangements may be available in either the shipping options or in the fabrication time line. Please be sure to notify us at time of ordering.
  • What if I want a gaitor splint to match my child's school uniform or sport's team outfit?
    Since gaitor splints made by ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. are custom made we are prepared to research fabrics to suit our clients needs or use fabrics supplied by our clients. This may require consultation between the purchaser and our design consultant, however once a suitable fabric is agreed upon fabrication will begin. It is our goal to make gaitor splints for our clients that will suit their purpose and personality- whether a fabric is needed to blend in or promote their individuality.
  • How long should a gaitor splint last?
    The general lifetime of an ElliGaitor Designs Ltd, gaitor splint will depend on the wearers' use requirements and their age. Under normal circumstances gaitor splints will last 10-12 months before a new pair may be required to accommodate growth. It is recommended to seek the advice of your referring practitioner when inquiring about the sizing and function of a splint with a growing child. In cases of a heavy duty wearer it is recommended to take advantage of the medium duty denim offered by ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. to prolong the life of a pair of gaitors.
  • What are the materials used in a gaitor splint?
    Materials used in making the standard gaitors by ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. are cotton flannel, 1/2" polyurethane foam, orthopaedic grade plastic stays, nylon webbing, and hook and loop fastener. It is the responsibility of the person placing the order to notify ElliGaitor Designs Ltd, of any allergies the user may have to these materials. In most cases, alternative materials may be substituted to accommodate any allergies the wearer may have.
  • When should I use a gaitor splint?
    Since there are many uses for gaitor splints the best way to know when a gaitor would benefit you or your child is to contact your attending medical practitioner for guidance and referral. Refer to our Important Safety Information section for more information and guidance on using gaitor splints.
  • How long do I or my child need to wear a gaitor splint?
    Since gaitors are often part cf a therapy program it is best to consult your referring practitioner for prescribed use of your gaitor splints. They will be able to assist you on the particular reason for using gaitors and the specific wearing details.
  • When is the best time for my child to wear a gaitor?
    If the gaitors are being used for muscle stretching, generally the best time for your child to wear gaitors is when your child is at rest. However, ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. advises that you consult your referring practitioner for the recommended use of gaitor splints for your child in order to obtain the best possible results.
  • Can gaitors be cleaned?
    Yes, the standard gaitor splints made by ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. come with a care and cleaning guide. For details please see our Care and Cleaning instructions section in the "Care and Cleaning Information"page on this website. For custom gaitor splints made from other material alternative cleaning instructions may be required.
  • What do I do if I want to return the gaitors I have ordered?
    Please refer to ElliGaitor Designs Ltd, Warranty Information page on the website. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, abuse, improper wear and tear, lack of reasonable care or unauthorized modifications or alterations.
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