Instructions for Wear

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*Always inspect arm or leg and splint before and after each use.

  • With arm or leg in extension, place open splint under limb (figure 1)

  • Wrap splint around limb and tuck fabric tongue inside (figure 2)

  • Slide each strap through corresponding buckle. Secure each strap by folding back onto corresponding strap ensuring hook and loop has fastened itself (figure 3)

  • Ensure the splint is secure from shifting or sliding on limb. Ensure splint is not so tight that it is deeply depressing ithe skin or circulation of the arm or leg is being affected. Circulation of the wearer's arm or leg must no be obstructed. The splint must not indent on the wearer's skin (figure 4)

  • When placing the splint on the wearer for the first time you may carefully trim any excess material from straps if required. Be sure that the straps are fastened appropriately before trimming. Remove the splint from the weare before trimming. Always leave enough strap length to accommodate for the wearer's growth and comfort (figure 5)


To remove splint, undo all straps and remove from limb

Folding hook back onto loop while not in use prevents hook on strap from gathering lint and hooking onto other materials, prolonging the life of the straps.