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The primary therapy aid manufactured by ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. is an extension assist resting splint also known as an elbow/knee immobilizer or ‘gaitor'. These therapy aids are used to assist in extensions of a knee or elbow. There are a variety of uses for a knee or elbow immobilizer including:

  • assisting with muscle stretching due to spastic muscle contractions

  • post surgical support and rehabilitation of a joint

  • passive assistance for children with self abusive tendencies such as hitting, biting or chewing.


For children with Cerebral Palsy there can be the need to provide a resting/night time knee extension splint to assist with contractures of the hamstring muscles. The use of a comfortable and fitted knee immobilizer to assist in knee extension can help address this while also assisting the caregivers with the child’s therapy program.

Knee immobilizers are often used as post surgical aids to assist with the recovery and rehabilitation of a knee by preventing unintended motion of the limb.  Gaitors can also be used to provide a gentle extension for an arm of a special needs child who habitually are inclined to chew, bite or suck on their own hands & fists.  This is an option that can give a parent or caregiver peace of mind.  A trained therapist can be of assistance in determining if this is the best option for the child.  


Alternatively, knee immobilizers can be used to assist with knee flexion contractures sometimes affecting the elderly where inactivity can result in loss of range of motion.  


At ElliGaitor Designs Ltd. we strive to provide gaitors than not only support  a client’s therapy program but give the client with the added option of self expression.


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